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Outside the Bubble: On the Road with Alexandra Pelosi

The media frequently reports that Americans are more divided than ever. Public discussion around issues such as gun rights, jobs, immigration, climate change, abortion and race seem to have become increasingly polarized.

Intent on escaping her coastal bubble, Alexandra Pelosi (HBO’s Emmy-winning Journeys with George) sets out on a cross-country trip to engage in conversations with fellow Americans in an effort to gain an unfiltered understanding of other perspectives. Directed, produced and filmed by Pelosi, Outside the Bubble: On the Road with Alexandra Pelosi visits hot spots in America’s political and culture wars for frank discussions, including Sutherland Springs, Texas, the site of the 2017 First Baptist Church mass shooting; Alabama, where she meets women who voted for President Trump, to hear their thoughts about abortion rights and the #MeToo movement; Pennsylvania to speak with blue-collar workers who feel ignored and disrespected by the “coastal elites”; Port Arthur, Texas, which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey; Charlottesville, Virginia, the quaint college town where a march by neo-Nazis turned violent; and San Diego where Pelosi visits the border wall to discuss immigration with activists and agents on the front line. The filmmaker emphasizes the importance of getting outside our bubbles and listening to others, in the process learning to accommodate different narratives and viewpoints.

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