Sneaking into the Flying Circus

Alexandra Pelosi makes her literary debut with an intimate look at the frenzied and grueling underbelly of presidential campaigning and the puppet role of the media. Pelosi went along on the campaign trail in order to, as she puts it, “document the absurd hazing rituals that our presidential candidates have to go through.” With this savvy, well-connected, and fearless guide, it’s a rollicking, breakneck journey unlike any other.


               Citizen U.S.A.

Come along on an epic road trip across America to all 50 states to meet a diverse group of brand new citizens from over a hundred different countries to find out why they chose America. Inspired by her Dutch-born born husband Michiel Vos’s desire to become a U.S. citizen, Pelosi attends naturalization ceremonies in all 50 states and also talks with notable first-generation Americans, including: Madeline Albright, Ariana Huffington, Henry Kissinger, and Gene Simmons. By looking at America through the eyes of our newest citizens, we can see how much we take for granted. We can learn a lot from those who became American by choice. 


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