Journeys With George



“A” – Entertainment Weekly

“Entertaining as hell” – Ebert & Roeper

“casually astonishing” – Variety

“honest and revealing” – NY Times

“Pelosi struck gold…a far more interesting and nuanced side of George W. Bush” – NY Post

“The most intimate record of Bush I’ve seen” – Los Angeles Times

Journeys with George is a network television producer’s video diary of her year and a half-long roadtrip on the campaign trail with George W. Bush as he struggles to evolve from a cowboy into a statesman. This is W. unplugged, the baloney and cheetos-eating matchmaker you didn’t see on tv. From the nasty battles of the primaries to the chaos of the recount, Journeys With George is an all-access pass to the closest and most controversial Presidential election in history. Shot with a digital camera in almost every state of America, this home movie does more than just document the drama behind the scenes of a political campaign. It exposes the unholy alliance between the reporters and the candidate and deconstructs how we elect our Presidents.


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